Newsletter 09.05.18

This week we started a new theme ‘The Rainbowfish’, one of our favourite stories. We read the story in Morning Circle and talked a lot about sharing. Using musical instruments we pretended to be the different animals as Pia read the story. We also used buttons as scales to practice our number recognition and counting. We read a number and put the correct amount of scales onto our own fish.


We also learnt two new songs: ‘Fünf kleine Fische, die schwammen im Meer’ and ‘One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive.’


Using our fine motor skills, we folded paper to make fish and used playdough to make our own Rainbowfish with a sparkling scale. We worked as a whole Kindergarten team to paint a giant Rainbowfish, each of us adding our own scales.


Enjoy your weekend!



The Bubbles Team