Newsletter 09.03.18

This week we had a short theme about our teeth. In Morning Circle, we used a large model of teeth to talk about our teeth looking at the different types of teeth. We counted how many teeth there were and talked about when our ‘baby teeth’ fall out ready for our ‘adult teeth’ to grow. Using a giant toothbrush, we decided it was very important to brush our teeth properly: front, back and behind, as well as brushing our gums and tongue. On Thursday we started brushing our teeth after lunch. Well done everyone, a super job so far!


We also had a music session this week using instruments as we sang ‘Die Affen rasen durch den Wald’.


Our new theme is ‘Easter’. We have planned a visit to the Botanical Gardens so that we can look for signs of spring.


Enjoy your weekend!


The Bubbles Team