Newsletter 02.03.18

This week we continued with our ‘Transport’ theme. We braved the weather on Monday and had a bus ride to the Verkehrs Museum. Once at the museum we were given a very interesting guided tour. The children were shown different exhibits and learnt about how bikes, cars, trams and trains have changed over the years. We then had the opportunity to explore the museum ourselves and particularly enjoyed climbing on and off the trucks, trams and trains. Well worth another visit in the future!


On Tuesday we talked about all the different road signs and went on a walk to spot the different signs. We also visited the library this week to change our books.


In our morning circle, we talked about how busy roads are and how to cross the roads safely with an adult. We also played memory and matching games linking numbers and amounts to 6. Thinking about initial letters in words we played I spy. 


Enjoy your weekend!


The Bubbles Team