Newsletter 08.12.17

Dear Parents,


        We have had a very busy week and had lots of fun celebrating St. Nikolaus’s Day on Wednesday. It was lovely to see so many parents and the children sang really well. A huge thank you to Betten Bähren who treated our children so well.


        Our new theme for next week will be Christmas.


        In our morning circle, we learnt the letters 'r' and 'b'. The children have enjoyed singing their songs and rhymes for St Nikolaus. We have made a large Christmas tree and started to make a large snowy picture.


On Friday we had a special Morning Circle for V. and E. who helped choose some lovely games to play and shared some of the things they have enjoyed doing at Bubbles. We wish V, E, P and M a wonderful time in with their families and all the very best for their new life in K.





        Enjoy your weekend!


        The Bubbles Team




Song lyrics


'R' Song


See my puppy rip the rag

Rrr, rrrr

See the puppy rip when he pulls so hard


(To the tune 'Muffin Man’)




'B' Song


Bring your bat and bring your ball

B, b

To the park to play


(To the tune ‘Camptown race’)



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