Newsletter 26.01.18

Dear Parents,


        This week we introduced our new theme for Fasching, ‘The Gruffalo’. We shared the story in and retold it the next days. We thought of words to describe the characters and made huge pictures of the characters to decorate the Kindergarten walls. We are looking forward to more Gruffalo activities next week.


In our morning circle, we learnt the letter 'z’. We thought about different games we can play in Kindergarten and shared some of our favourite ones.


On the xx February we have arranged a visit to the KKT, where they have an exhibition of ‘The Best 100 Children’s Stories’. As we need to be there for 12:00 the younger children, who need to sleep, will stay at Bubbles.


Enjoy your weekend!


        The Bubbles Team




Dates for your diary


xx.xx.2018        Visit for older children to ‘The 100 Best Stories’ exhibition

xx.xx.2018        Fasching Celebration 

xx.xx.2018        Parent’s Meeting 19:00 at Bubbles


Song lyrics


'Z' Song


Did you ever hear a bee buzz, a bee buzz, a bee buzz?

Did you ever hear a bee buzz, a bee buzz like this



(To the tune ‘Did you ever see a lassie’)